The Camino de Santiago Routes

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There is not just one, but many different Camino de Santiago routes to choose from. They are spread all over Europe. In fact some people just start walking from their front door!

Many of the people we met along the way had started walking from all sorts of different places. A French couple had started walking from Paris, another couple had joined the Camino Frances after walking for a week on the Via del la Plata route, and another woman had even packed up her entire life, quit her job and started walking from her home in Hamburg, Germany, all the way to Santiago de Compostela!

As you can tell, the way can vary a lot, depending on where you start and how adventurous you are feeling. This section however will focus on five of the most popular Camino de Santiago routes. So if you haven't decided which way to walk yet, are looking for your next adventure, or are just curious about other Camino paths, check out the list below. Click on each Camino de Santiago route for more information and advice on each path.

Which Way!?

Camino Frances

Beginning in St Jean Pied de Port in France, easily the most popular camino route. Featured in the film, The Way.

Camino del Norte

Following the beautiful Northern coast of Spain, also known as the Coastal or Northern Way. 

Camino Portuguese

Starting from Lisbon and heading north through Portugal before crossing the boarder into Spain.

Via de la Plata

The longest of the Camino de Santiago routes in Spain, approximately 1000km in length.

Camino de Finisterre

The only camino to begin, rather than end, in Santiago de Compostela. From the cathedral the path heads to the coastal towns of Finisterre and Muxia.

Please Note

When deciding on which way to take keep in mind that you can start at any point along the path. For example, many people on the Camino Frances will actually start in Pamplona or Burgos or Leon, and the majority of pilgrims on the Camino Portuguese choose to start in Porto instead of in Lisbon. But, if you want a compostela (pilgrimage certificate) you must walk at least the last 100km of any of the paths to Santiago and stamp your credencial (pilgrim passport) everyday.

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